Disappoint, Dishearten, Dead, Death, Dearth, Depress, Dismay, Disgrace. Whatever, whichever negative Ds I’ve thought of truly demonstrated the feelings in them from me. Leaf, a crook in heart has have had surely hurts them, and believed hurts would have buried deep in the roots of their hearts.

I looked up to god, no, him, to grant me a life, new and with many beliefs to assure my soul be cleansed and rebirth with more appreciations and thanks.

To think, to act, to change, I chose to bow with remorses and beseech forgiveness. Negative Ds to reborn. Deserved, devoted, doted, duty. Thanks, my loves.



3 years have passed, and OLH is neglected. I, from single to married, and be, been a daddy.  My watch, her time seem to run a tad too fast.

Time to do a rebrand for OLH, a memory storage for me or us to keep. OLH a place where, our souls, plays, travels, eats reside.

Just a short intro,

Leaf – OLH daddy. Allure – OLH mummy. Sunrise – OLH Da sis. Honey Bee – OLH Ah sis.  Rain – OLH baby sis.

Stay tuned…